Procel Pro- Who we are

LLC was established on 7th July, 2008. The name of company comes from combination of two Latvian words „Pro”, for „project” and „Cel”, for „construction” –  two things that represent company’s core activities.  Our goal is to give client an opportunity to receive the most interesting and lively architectural projects, and the most qualified and correct decisions of construction so that both complement each other for having the best results.

We examine each project in its summary to understand, solve and prevent any possibility, problem and consequence of development in advance.

We love to cooperate with private customers, conforming architecture and accommodation to meet every person’s individual need.  As well as big social and governmental objects. The biggest return of our projects is put into acquiring of the EU fund projects. We are cooperating with many educational institutions in Latvia. We also have an experience in construction of nursery school in Spain.

The combination of young and creative architects, projectors, designers and experienced engineers provides a „fresh” and relevant approach as well as the secure work.  The quality of work of our builders and masters is the thing that we are proud of, and we are sure that everything that is built corresponds the architect’s and the client’s idea absolutely.

Consultation, sketch, project, construction- GOOD RESULT!